Air New Zealand: New ‘Men In Black – Safety Defenders’ Onboard Video

Air New Zealand, known for their creative marketing campaigns, has come up with another hit. A safety video with a ‘Men In Black’ theme.

NZ Safety VideoThe video which will be shown on board Air New Zealand flights has been uploaded on the airlines YouTube Channel and already hit 2 Million views right now.

Getting Passengers to pay attention to safety demonstrations has always been a challenge for airlines, in particular frequent flyer tune of during the often dull and repetitive demos.

This video is certainly refreshing. You can access it on the Air NZ Youtube channel:

It’s a five minute long video with some rap and funny scenes. Let’s see if this captures the attention of the passengers, the popularity online is promising.


This is a refreshing and fun video, very well done marketing campaign. I’d say it really depends on how long it will be showing on the plane because five minutes of this is a long time and if someone doesn’t like the theme or gets bored of it, then having to watch it again and again might be a bit much.