Bangkok Bombing: Airlines Issue Rebooking / Cancellation Waivers In Response To Government Warnings

Citizens of some countries have been advised by their governments per ‘Travel Alert’ to avoid Bangkok or Thailand respectively amid the recent bombing in Bangkok.

BKK Rebooking Waiver Cover

In response to this, at least Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific have issued official waiver policies for travelers who wish to reschedule their travel.

It’s important to understand that these waivers differ from airline to airline, from the country of origin as well as (in the case of Cathay Pacific) by ticket type.

You can access the travel waiver policy of Singapore Airlines here.

SQ Waiver

This summary only mentions re-bookings and re-routings while the headline also includes cancellations. If you are interested in using this waiver please contact your Singapore Airlines reservation office.

Cathay Pacific‘s Travel Waiver for Bangkok is a bit more complicated (accessible here).

CX Bangkok WaiverEssentially Cathay Pacific put out two sorts of waivers, one for tickets issued from Hong Kong and one for tickets issued from other countries.

For tickets issued from Hong Kong please refer to this information:

In response to the Red Travel Alert* on Bangkok issued by the Security Bureau of the HKSAR Government, effective immediately Cathay Pacific will implement the special ticketing arrangements for outbound travel from Hong Kong to Bangkok between 18 August 2015 and 10 October 2015 incl usive.  Please refer to the details below.

*The Outbound Travel Alert System (OTA), established by the Security Bureau of HK SAR Government, aims to assess and outline the risk of travel associated with a particular destination. In accordance to the severity of threat identified, Hong Kong residents are recommended to adjust their travel plans or avoid travel to the affected destination.

CX Waiver Details


For tickets issued outside Hong Kong the following is valid:

Due to the bomb threat in Bangkok, with immediate effect, rebooking and rerouting charges will be waived for all tickets issued worldwide (irrespective of fare type) on/before 17 August 2015 for travel with Cathay Pacific/Dragonair confirmed bookings involving Bangkok between 18 August 2015 and 10  October 2015.

Cathay Pacific/Dragonair tickets

Cancellation and refund No waiver on cancellation or refund charges.

Rebooking/Rerouting Rebooking/Rerouting charges will be waived on condition that: Such requests are made on/before 10 Oct 2015 and before departure for travel with Cathay Pacific/Dragonair confirmed booking involving Bangkok between 18 August 2015 and 10 October 2015. No-show passenger is not eligible for the waiver.


If your travel is not on Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific you might want to consult the carriers website or reservation center to inquire about possible policies that are in place. Be aware that such waivers are often in response to the carriers home government issuing some sort of travel warning (as it was the case with Singapore and Hong Kong).

Should you have purchased a travel insurance or if such is in included in your credit card like American Express Platinum you might also contact the insurance partner or your card member services in how far you are covered in this even should you feel compelled to cancel or postpone your trip.

I’m currently staying in Bangkok as well and do not consider myself in immediate danger. However I’m not on holiday and if you feel like your well being or comfort would be impacted by the current situation the waiver might be in your best interest.