Whine Wednesdays: Seating Chaos On The Aircraft


It’s been a while since I’ve flown Economy Class but last week it was time again to brace myself on board Qatar Airways on a short flight. The boarding itself was a disaster already.

WW SeatingIt really is a mystery to me why people can’t sort out their seating arrangements prior to the flight and listen to boarding announcements properly.

This particular Qatar Airways flight boarded with the gate agent announcing (in a silent bird-like voice) the order in which the aircraft was to be boarded. Families with children first, Business Class and Status Members at their leisure.

Never mind, let’s all rush towards the boarding lane. This must have been the thought of most passengers, to the point of a brawl breaking out in the lineup (as far as you could call that mess a lineup at all).

I was already seated when I witnessed the scene as captured in the image that was to go on for 40 MINUTES with the passengers (a group of 7) involved constantly changing their seats, not being able to figure out who wants to sit where.

At one point it required two flight attendants to get these people sit down. During taxiing to the runway two of them got up and switched again.


A certain type of people should really be banned from flying. Even non-seasoned travelers should understand the concept of just taking the seat that is assigned to you.

These days almost all airlines offer to reserve the seats during the booking process. Admittedly some charge for this (Qatar did not) but if you travel in a group of seven then this might be a small price to pay if you want to sit together.