Fabulous Fridays: Value Added Services At Hotels (Free Laundry/Pressing Service etc.)


If you travel longer than just a few days and prefer to travel light, sooner or later travelers will need to facilitate laundry and pressing services for their clothing during the trip.

Laundry Amenity

In the past I never thought much of it but recently I find myself booking more and more hotels where I know these Value Added Services are included for status members and executive room guests.

Especially in Asia these services are very popular and established since (due to climate) one has to change shirts etc more than at other destinations.

Hotels where I have recently stayed that included a Laundry Allowance for two pieces are

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, Sentral

Pressing Service for two pieces was available at

Grand Hyatt Taipei

Grand Hyatt Beijing

St Regis Abu Dhabi

Keep in mind, these are amenities for Executive Club bookings (or above) and benefits for status guests of the hotel loyalty program who receive upgrades to such room types.

If I know I stay at such hotels, usually I just take a unironed, few freshly washed shirts from home and pack them in my suitcase, then upon arrival immediately hand them to housekeeping for pressing. With laundry it’s a bit more complicated especially during short one night stays if you arrive in the afternoon or later. It’s almost impossible to use the laundry perk on a one night stay unless you arrive very early or check out late (4pm or so).


I have absolutely no problem quickly ironing a shirt myself and do so many times (you don’t always have 3-4 hours time to wait for an ironed shirt to be returned) but where available I use this service frequently these days.

All services and amenities a hotel provides goes into my consideration of how much I’m willing to spend for a night and how reasonable the hotels rates are. So if you look at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok for example where they offer nice rooms, a great happy hour, an excellent breakfast and on top this laundry service I’m willing to pay a premium for staying there compared to a competing hotel where the only amenity is a lackluster executive lounge.