Compensation Clinic: Radisson Fisherman’s Wharf Reflag


A LoyaltyLobby reader emailed me a Compensation Clinic case from his award reservation at the Radisson Fisherman’s Wharf hotel that got reflagged and Club Carlson failed to inform the customer about this.

Compensation Clinic Radisson Fisherman's Wharf

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Here’s the email that the reader sent to Club Carlson:

Comment: After having some unpleasant experience in your property in Dubai some time ago (as described on Tripadvisor), I have decided to give another try and decided to book Radisson Hotel Fisherman’s Wharf for my 45 birthday (!!!) using my Gold Points. That was successfully done with CONFIRMATION NUMBER # (REMOVED).

What a huge mistake! and what a disappointment this caused!!!

After arrival in SF, I drove to the address indicated and to my surprise could not find the property. The phone number as indicated in the booking also did not work!

Only after calling your customer #service# I have learned that this property has been sold!!!

No one bothered to inform me about that upfront, and your personnel was very uneager to help to solve this situation, and were unable to provide

ANY information on whether my booking will be honored at all, only offering to reimburse the 50000 points back to my account!!!

No simple apology or understanding or offer to help, for example, calling the now Zephyr hotel to clarify my booking status!!! I have been advised to go there and check this myself. What a nice service you provide to customer!

Apparently I sorted this out and my booking was honored, however I was not able (of course) to use any of the few benefits Rezidor is offering its Silver members.

I have no words to express my disappointment for the lack of service and ignorance of Rezidor caused  to me in my round birthday and request the compensation of 100 000 gold points if you ever care about customer satisfaction given the incredible lack of attention and unfriendly “handling” of this case.

Here’s reply from Club Carlson:

We appreciate your recent message. We apologize that you were not notified that this location had undergone a change in ownership. We do our best to contact all of our guests to inform them of these changes to insure their arrival is seamless. We understand that this was not the case in your situation.

Please be assured that your reservations were guaranteed when booked and our office worked with the hotel to insure that your stay would be honored. We are happy to hear that the hotel was able to accommodate you as their guest and hope you enjoyed your time there.

Our Lead team at Club Carlson has reviewed your concerns and are aware of you dissatisfaction. We will be taking internal steps to prevent a similar situation in the future. Mr. LoyaltyLobby reader, we understand your frustration when you realized the hotel had changed names, and are sorry for this inconvenience, however we are not able to honor your request to provide you with 100,000 Gold Points.  We feel that 25,000 gold points would be fair and equitable compensation for the situation as your complimentary award reservations were honored.  As an extended apology for this situation, 25,000 points have been credited to your Club Carlson account and are available immediately.

We look forward to an opportunity to welcome you back to a Club Carlson hotel and we value your interest in our properties!

Kind Regards,

Krista  | Member Services Online Customer Care Specialist, Carlson

Here’s reply from the reader:

I’m sorry but 25000 points are not “fair and equitable compensation for
the situation”

– The Reservation was done in January and since then no one bothered to
inform. Rezidor had plenty of time to do that.

– there was even not automated message on the phone line indicated on
the booking
– there was zero effort from your customer service to help me in this
– there was no confirmation provided by your staff that the new hotel
would honor the reservation whatsoever
– instead I was instructed to walk to the property myself to check it
out (!!)
– no silver member privileges would be possible to claim
– I had unfortunate mistake to fail again in rezidor property, and this
in my birthday!

I request to reconsider the compensation amount if you ever want to see
me or my staff in any of your properties again.

And the final reply from Club Carlson:

We appreciate your reply.

We have returned the other 25,000 points to your account so all the
points redeemed for that stay have been returned.

We cannot give you more than that for compensation.


This reflagging of properties often leave the guests to a bad situation. Paid reservations are usually honored but you won’t receive any status related benefits or points and night credits. Award reservations are sometimes honored but not always.

Club Carlson dropped the ball here by not informing all the members that the property was no longer affiliated with the Radisson and guest found this out when trying to find the property!

Seems that the member had used 50,000 points for one night award stay at this property. I believe that the 100K requested was bit on the high side and the best he could have asked for would have been 50K. Club Carlson refunded half of that.

It is bit surprising that this hotel’s page on Club Carlson is still up (access here) without any notes that it has been reflagged. You only find it out when trying to make a booking.

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