Marriott Rewards New Airline Partner: TAM Multiplus

Marriott Rewards has added a new airline to its roster of partners. You can effectively immediately convert Marriott Rewards points to TAM Multiplus ones.

Marriott Rewards TAM Multiplus U

Multiplus is separate company from TAM that handles the earning and redeeming of airline miles.

You can access Marriott Rewards page for Travel Packages here and converting points to miles here.

Multiplus is on the second category of airlines that earn less miles via the conversions (Marriott likely has to pay more):

Marriott Rewards TAM Multiplus Travel PackageMarriott Rewards TAM Multiplus Conversions


Good to have more airline partners that allow converting miles from Marriott Rewards points. Whether this makes sense with Multiplus, is left to be seen.

I have written about Marriott Travel packages several times (access here) and how I feel that they are the best way to burn Marriott Rewards points.