LoyaltyLobby Website Issues (Hopefully Resolved)


There were some issues on LoyaltyLobby.com on Monday and Tuesday that temporarily prevented website/home page access and some readers were served with the error message below.

LoyaltyLobby Website Issues

This was caused by a bug introduceed in the WordPress update that turned out to be buggy plus increased traffic since the last server upgrade. We believe that the issue has been identified and manually fixed before WordPress will release a formal fix in their next release.


If you have site running WordPress, make sure that the “auto update” features is turned off, a feature enabled by default and one which WP pushes really hard. They were turned off for LoyaltyLobby, but we did manual update late last week that caused issues with PHP requests to spike.

On a related tech note, if you happen to have a Samsung S5 from experience I would suggest not upgrading to Android 5.0… I did with disastrous consequences. The phone was borderline useless before friend of mine installed Cyanogenmod onto it that made work well again (plus it got rid of all those useless Samsung apps that they force you to have).

When I purchased my latest laptop in 2014, I made sure to downgrade that software disaster called Windows 8 to stable install of Windows 7 that I am happy with.

Not sure why these companies are trying to push updates very frequently that often cause more problems than they resolve. This will probably the last WordPress update applied to LoyaltyLobby for a while.