Fabulous Fridays: Orange Spain’s Mundo Prepaid For European Data Roaming


European Union was set to abolish data roaming charges in 2015, but telecommunications industry was able to lobby the commission and got this delayed by couple of years.

Fabulous Fridays Orange Spain Mundo Prepaid

This creates problems for those that travel around Europe and wouldn’t always want to purchase a local SIM card for voice and data.

There are products, however, that allow European Union data access at reasonable cost. I came across this one prepaid product from Spain’s Orange called Mundo that allow 100MB of data daily for just 1 euro per day in all EU countries + Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Fabulous Fridays Orange Spain Mundo Prepaid Data

100MB of data is not a lot but should be enough on most days for email, Facebook, Twitter etc. on the phone. The only drawback is that you have to activate the feature by calling Orange or visiting one of their own shops. Franchisees are not able to do it.

Fabulous Fridays Orange Spain Mundo Prepaid Data Countries

I believe that I paid roughly 25 euros for the SIM and it came with 1GB of data in Spain and 15 euro credit.


I have now been in Europe for close to two months (haven’t been here this long since I left to study in the US back in 2001) and have probably bought more than ten SIM cards in various countries (especially in the Balkan).

I truly hope that the telecommunications lobby is not able to get the commission to abolish their plans for free data roaming inside the European Union that is already delayed by couple of years. This cannot come soon enough.