Korean Air Skypass & GOL Smiles Frequent Flier Partnership Launch August 25, 2015


Korean Air that flies to thrice weekly from Seoul to Sao Paulo via Los Angeles has launched a frequent flier partnership with GOL.

Korean Air Skypass GOL

Korean Air Skypass members (and must apply for GOL Smiles members as well) are able to both earn and redeem miles for flights on GOL.

You can access Korean Air web page for GOL here.

Here’s the earning chart for GOL:

Korean Air Skypass GOL Accrual

Here’s the using miles chart for GOL:

Korean Air Skypass GOL Redeem


It is good that most paid fares earn full 100% redeemable miles when credited to Skypass. I don’t think that the burning chart for GOL is as good.

I couldn’t find an English page from GOL Smiles for this partnership, although their frequent flier program members should be able to use their miles for flights on Korean Air.