Hyatt Hotels: Hyatt 48LEX New York City Suddenly Leaves Chain

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Today we have sad news for many Hyatt guests in New York City. The popular Hyatt 48LEX has suddenly left the chain effective September 1st 2015.


There was no formal announcement about the background of this sudden exit. I noticed it today when I was about to book a stay for the coming months and the hotel was missing from the list of properties.

First I did a Google search to have a look if there is anything to be found. Tripadvisor did not show anything about a re-branding or a new chain. The only thing that showed up was this message:

Hyatt LEX Closed

I decided to contact the very responsive Hyatt Concierge team via Twitter to shine some light on the situation and received the following reply:

Hyatt 48LEX TwitterSo this pretty much serves as official confirmation that the property is gone for good. Let’s see if there is anything surfacing in the media at some point that provides us with a background story.

That development is too bad as the hotel was very popular, especially with those who use Gold Passport points for their stays in New York City. While Hyatt has a wide variety of properties in New York, almost all of those are in the upper price segment. The Hyatt 48LEX was a medium priced property in a great location and will be missed.


If you have a current booking with this property you should contact Hyatt Reservations to have your reservation changed to another property of similar location and quality. Hyatt might try to give you a simple cancellation option which I suggest you should not accept and instead request a proper re-booking to a hotel that suits your needs.

Should these bookings be honored by the new operator you should not expect any benefits that you would usually get as part of the Hyatt Gold Passport program, another reason why I would demand to keep staying at Hyatt.