GOL Smiles: New Bonus Promotion For Miles Purchases – 50% Discount From 8th-30th SEP 2015


GOL Smiles has another promotion to purchase SMILES Miles at a 50% Discount starting tomorrow, September 8th 2015.


GOL has recently amended their Terms & Conditions and restricted the ability to purchase mileage to Brazilians only (as per nationality in the profile).

In addition to or probably as a result of the account audits (I wrote about those here) GOL has taken the information of the customer profiles and all those who are not registered as ‘Brazilian’ can no longer purchase any miles. Irrespective if you have a Brazilian address or a valid CPF.

If you don’t have an account yet you can of course open one and make sure you list yourself with the ‘proper’ nationality but your CPF can’t be registered with another account.

The new promotion offers 50% Discount for SMILES purchases up to 100,000 so essentially a 2 for 1 deal, slightly worse than the previous offers of 3 for 1.

You can access the GOL Smiles promotional page here and refer to suitable promotion. As of now it isn’t accessible yet so the details are unknown. The description mentions something about a promotional code. We will follow this and update as things develop.


GOL Smiles can be of great value even with a 2 for 1 pricing. I recently wrote about my award success for a First Class Ticket on Qatar from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi (see here) and John outlined the new partnership with Korean Air that should also prove to be profitable.

I urge caution however, should you have no immediate use for these miles purchasing them comes with a danger. These programs can be changed at a moments notice and there is little to no recourse if redemption options are eliminated or conditions amended.