Expedia+ Rewards Points + Coupon Now Combinable

Expedia has its own loyalty program called Expedia+ Rewards that gives you some points for bookings made on its website.

Expedia Rewards Coupon + Points Use Update

Expedia also has Best Rate Guarantee that promises to match lower third party price and give you an additional $50 coupon that you can use in future hotel booking.

You can access Expedia+ Rewards here.

Previously, one couldn’t combine coupons and rewards points because you first had to convert your Expedia+ Rewards points to a coupon and then use it towards a hotel booking. You cannot apply more than one coupon for a booking.

This has now, however, changed. There is no longer need to first issue a coupon using your pointa. You can now used them towards the hotel booking AND also apply a coupon.

+VIP Access Hotel:

Expedia Rewards Coupon + Points Use Update VIP Access

The value of a Expedia+ Rewards points is doubled when used towards +VIP Access hotel. The value of a point is 1.43 cents each.

Regular hotel:

Expedia Rewards Coupon + Points Use Update Regular

You can use your points + coupon towards all prepaid hotels. The value of an Expedia+ Rewards point is 0.714 cents each.


It is an actual beneficial enhancements that you can now combine Expedia+ Rewards points and coupon towards a hotel booking that was not previously possible. You should always use your rewards points for +VIP Access hotels because the value of points are then doubled.