Los Angeles Airport: United Airlines & Alaska Airlines Planes Collide On The Ground – No Injuries Reported


Traffic at Los Angeles LAX International Airport can be congested at times and this includes the roads as much as the runways.


Yesterday two aircraft bumped into each other which caused some damages and led to the flights being cancelled/delayed.

The collision of the two aircraft occurred between Terminal 6 and Terminal 7 where United & Alaska share some gate space.

CBS News reported about the incident (access here).

Two passenger planes bumped into each other Sunday evening on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport, according to CBS Los Angeles, but nobody was hurt and the only casualties appeared to be about 340 passengers’ schedules.

United Airlines Flight 199 came into contact with an Alaska Airlines jet near Terminal 7 after landing from New Jersey. The Alaska jet was being pushed back from the gate prior to takeoff at the time.

Actually from the featured image tweeted by another passengers traveling through LAX it looks like the Alaska plane taxied down and the United was backing up (being pushed back).

United Airlines confirmed the incident, saying in a statement that the Alaska Airlines plane “made contact with UA199” as the flight from New Jersey was “taxing to the gate at a low speed.” The United passengers were allowed to deplane per normal at the gate following the incident, and United engineers were inspecting the aircraft.

“Alaska Airlines Flight 543 was being pushed back from the gate about 7:45 p.m. and its wingtip clipped another aircraft,” Alaska said in statement. The airline confirmed there were no injuries and said the 182 passengers on board the plane were able to depart at 9:45 p.m. local time on a different aircraft.

Seems the Alaska plane was turned in a very weird angle during the push back, so steep that it’s wingtip actually hit the tail of the United. I’d say that’s the fault of the truck driver who pushes the planes. Not much the pilots can do in such a situation.

There is another report by KTLA 5 (access here).

The airport’s operations center received a report about 7:51 p.m. that the two aircraft, owned by United Airlines and Alaska Airlines, were maneuvering in an alleyway between Terminal 6 and Terminal 7 when they “clipped” each other, said Nancy Castles, spokeswoman for LAX.

The Alaska flight was that company’s last one scheduled to leave LAX on Sunday evening, Castles said, adding that it was subsequently canceled and its passengers were rebooked on other flights.

Both planes were moved to hangars after being visibly damaged in the collision, according to the airport.

I wonder much much effort it will involve to repair the two aircraft to be fit for service again?


It seems that apart from the travel schedules for the passengers there were no serious consequences from this incident. Last time I was traveling through LAX a few times was in April and with all the construction around it appeared to be pretty congested everywhere. A real piece of work for the ground crews and the pilots to position, service and taxi the aircraft.