Finnair Strike September 18, 2015 (Reschedule Flights Free Of Charge)

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There will be a general strike in Finland this coming Friday and there should not be any flights taking off between 11AM – 1PM EET.

Finnair Strike Friday September 18 2015

This will have an affect for schedule for the entire Friday as flights could be coming in late and leaving a lot later than originally scheduled.

You can access Finnair’s information about this action here.

Note that you can change your flight that is scheduled for September 17, 18, or 19 one time free of charge until the end of September. You can also change your destination and only fare difference is charged.

The Finnair’s web page only lists flights that are canceled. There are many more flights that are delayed that may lead to missed connections in Helsinki or at the other airports.

If the flight is cancelled, we will try to look for an alternative flight that enables you to continue your trip as smoothly as possible. Flight availability is limited and finding an alternative flight might be difficult. You may also apply for a full refund for a cancelled flight. Read passenger’s rights.

To minimize the inconvenience to Finnair customers, we also offer following flexibility to customers with confirmed bookings to change flights once free of charge:

  • Original travel dates are 17th  – 19th of September, 2015
  • New travel dates are between 16th and 30th of September, 2015 (excluding 18th of September, 2015)

Ticket can also be changed to another Finnair operated destination. In that case higher fare difference will be charged and lower fare difference will not be refunded.

You may make changes by calling Finnair Customer Service or your Travel Agent. We also serve you on Twitter @FinnairHelps and on Finnair Facebook pages. We are sorry that our customer service may be congested.

We do our best contacting the customers on the flights affected directly. Please check from Manage booking that we have your latest and correct contact information.

We are sorry for the inconvenience the situation may cause to our customers. We are following the situation and will update any new information on this page.


It could be difficult to get through to reservations, but you don’t have to call the number in Finland. When a friend of mine had difficulties due to industrial action in Finland, I called Finnair’s number in the States, got straight through to a human and had Finnair move her to SAS/Thai Airways flights.

If you are connecting via Helsinki on Friday, it probably would be a good idea to call Finnair and try to get them to rebook you on other airlines. They are required to do this per EC 261/2004.

This is a general strike in Finland, so if you are going to be in the country on Friday, be prepared that the entire public transportation system is down.