Whine Wednesdays: Ridiculous OnAir Internet Pricing On Iberia


After getting used to a reasonably priced and working internet on Etihad Airways and Emirates, I came across this terrible OnAir product (price & quality) on a recent Iberia flight.

Whine Wednesdays Internet U

So, the price of this service is completely out of touch what other airlines are charging combined with the abysmal service (you can barely open web pages).

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Seems that this OnAir (should be really called OffAir because of the non-working service) is terrible compared to T-Mobile that appears to be providing the service to Etihad (and maybe to Emirates as well).

OnAir Internet

I was trying to use the service on this Iberia flight using my cell phone and ended up with 295 euro charge from this company when most of the web pages were timing out, couldn’t resolve or had to be refreshed four/five times before anything came up.

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