Fabulous Fridays: Let’s Go To Brazil! (Currency Has Crashed)


Brazil is a fantastic country to visit despite all the issues you might have when it comes to service at hotels and petty crime (Sebastian wrote about this recently – access here).

Fabulous Fridays Let's Go To Brazil!

I was just in Brazil for the second time this year and will be back for a friend’s birthday in early December.

Brazil is going through some economic woes right now due to former commodity boom gone bust and the GDP is basically shrinking. This has brought the Reais (BRL) to a 10 year low!

I can remember when I was in Brazil for the first time in the early 2000’s when you could divide the prices by four to convert them to USD. Now those times are back!

A couple of years back, you could multiply the price by 0.7 and get the dollar price. At that point, the prices in Brazil were becoming rather ridiculous. A taxi from a Guarulhos (GRU) to the Renaissance in Sao Paulo was close to $100.


There are quite a few flight deals to Brazil right now because travel from Brazil is down due to currency depreciation.

The problem is that many of the international chains price in USD and thus their prices are close to the all time high, although some have started to discount.

You do have to be a bit careful in Brazil:

Police once tried to extort money when I didn’t have passport with me going back to InterContinental hotel (now Royal Tulip) in Rio de Janeiro late at night. Also in Rio, a couple of guys once tried to get my wallet when I was walking to get some food from the Copacabana Palace hotel late in the evening.

During carnival in Salvador da Bahia, three guys held me down on a street and took cash from my pocket and also there I once had like three hands in my pockets trying to find cash or valuables.

Even at the picturesque Iguacu Falls, I was staying on the Brazilian side in a town called Foz do Iguacu, a couple of guys came with bikes and something looking like a gun trying to get some valuables. Only loss was a friend of mine had to “donate” his sunglasses to the “friendly locals”.