Compensation Clinic: W West Beverly Hills (Formerly Known As W Westwood)

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This week’s Compensation Clinic case come from a LoyaltyLobby reader’s rather weird experience at the W West Beverly Hills where he was managing an entertainment industry event.

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You can access W West Beverly Hills website here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I brought the property 180+ room nights for an event. The event went great, hotel took care of our guests and clients. However, it could not have been any different personally:

My room wasn’t ready until until 4:30pm, There was a further delay in getting my bags delivered to my room, leaving me no time to change prior to our first function.

No housekeeping (styling) during my stay; was told there was a glitch in the system Key stopped working at 12:15pm day of checkout (I’m also a Platinum Member but they were only able to offer me a 2pm checkout due to the hotel being sold out.) Housekeeping knocked with Dnd sign on door at 1:25pm

The compensation given was a brownie & bottle of water with note from the Sales Team saying I’d get 2,500 SPG points for the trouble.

In addition to being great hotels for personal stays, W’s are a great destination for events. But for someone bringing them this many room nights, you’d think they would pre-block a room for the organizer let alone give generous compensation for the service failures. If I was staying alone without the event, 2,500 SPG points is pretty weak compensation for so many service failures.


SPG certainly cannot classify this property as a resort (it is in the Westwood) and it definitely is not a conference property. The 4PM Platinum member check out would have been thus absolutely guaranteed.

One would expect that a property would take better care of a guest that brings such a high number of room nights and associated spend due to an event, but apparently that is not the case with this hotel.

Compensation Clinic W West Beverly Hills

I have stayed at the W Westwood that is the correct name for this hotel due to its location rather than W West Beverly Hills where it is not. I cannot stand when hotels misidentify their location and try to portray to be somewhere where they are not (in this case Beverly Hills). The name was changed few months back.