LoyaltyLobby Turns 4!


It’s difficult to believe, but another year has passed since I started LoyaltyLobby back on September 15th, 2011, with a post about Hyatt Gold Passport.

LoyaltyLobby 4

Over the past year, we had a website refresh, the blog email update got a complete makeover and I brought Sebastian in to help me with the website content.

The loyalty programs continue to “evolve” and most United and Delta frequent fliers were taken to cleaners this year when the number of miles earned was decoupled from the flight distances.

The business has been very good for the hotels in the past few years and we haven’t seen as good offers as we saw during the financial crises in late 2000’s. I believe that we may have reached the peak of the market and a worldwide recession might be on its way that would force hotel loyalty programs to offer lucrative promotions to drive traffic.

As has always been the case, you can always drop me an email, send a private message on Facebook or post on the wall, or Tweet us. I try to reply as many messages as I can. Remember to forward me offers that you receive from airline and hotel loyalty programs!


The website traffic has grown steadily since the beginning and I may bring in another friend to help develop content this fall.

Please leave a message below with what content you would like to see here on LoyaltyLobby that we have not previously covered or not to the extent that you would like. I am always very receptive to feedback.