Whine Wednesdays: Terrible Sheraton Hotels Case Brussels


Starwood is spending a lot of money trying to give its tainted Sheraton brand a face lift and bring the brand into 21st century.

Whine Wednesdays Sheraton Club Lounges Case Sheraton Brussels

SPG is also running two promotions trying to get members to check out the brand by giving out free nights (read more here and here). Starwood is also trying to promo the Sheraton Club “experience”.

The problem is that many of the Sheraton hotels are still a complete disgrace and should have nothing to do with Starwood unless brought up to brand standards.

Here are the issues:

1. Rooms from 1980’s

I don’t recall when was the last time I was in as old Sheraton as this one in Brussels. I did stay at some Sheraton in Denver few years ago where the suite décor was like grandma’s place.

2. Club Lounge

The evening set up was an utter disgrace although they had wine and beer for those that wanted to have an adult beverage.

3. Internet

The internet was unstable for the duration of the stay. It went down every few minutes.

4. Technology

The multifunction machine in the club was so “new” that it couldn’t be used to scan a document. The front desk was unable to do it either unless they could email it to me (and leave copies on their email server). They refused to allow me to scan it and save on an USB stick.


This is the problem when all of these companies went “asset light” and the owners are not willing to put up the cash required to bring up the properties up to brand standards. It wouldn’t surprise me if this hotel becomes Holiday Inn/Wyndham and a few years down the road, a Ramada.

Starwood (or any other asset light operator) cannot kick these hotels out because they would lose the revenue from these properties while giving lip service about their updated services at the same time.

Sheraton Brussels has nothing to do with the Sheraton brand that Starwood advertises and promotes currently.