China Style Internet Firewall Coming To Thailand?

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Anyone who travels to China knows that trying to use internet there is a painful experience as all the social networking sites are blocked and most of the Google related services too that websites use.

China Style Firewall Coming To Thailand

Now, Thailand is apparently going to introduce something similar. The government has long blocked such a dangerous websites as Daily Mail (UK newspaper) and pornographic websites.

You can access Venture Beat article here and Telecom Asia’a here about this development.

Here’s what Telecom Asia reports:

Thailand’s military government has ordered the creation of a great firewall of Thailand to control the flow of information on the Internet.

General Prayuth’s cabinet ordered the ICT and Justice Ministries and the National Police Department to set up a single internet gateway in order to control inappropriate websites and to control the flow of information into the country from overseas via the internet.

A subsequent cabinet resolution ordered the agencies to report back with any laws that would need to be enacted or amended prior to setting up the single gateway.

The order was quietly given by the Cabinet on 30 June and the follow-up order for the agencies to report back with any laws that needed amending was given by the cabinet on 4 September.

The cabinet resolution was just unearthed on social media by someone browsing the official government cabinet resolution repository. Prem Sichanugrist or @sikachu on Twitter said, “Yes. Thailand is about to have The Great Firewall just like China, except it will be s****ier and corrupted as hell”.


Having single point of entry for all internet traffic to/from Thailand and have the government monitor that is going to be a disaster.

It is just sad that a country such as Thailand with plenty of potential has rotten government with generals running the show after they threw out (again) the democratically elected leaders, however corrupt those might have been.

Youtube was blocked in Thailand in some point in time and you still cannot access Daily Mail there due to their critical articles about the Thai royalty. Pornography websites are blocked on the moral grounds while plenty of prostitution is going on in the country.

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