Marriott Rewards Exclusive Offers To Keep Gold & Platinum Status


Some LoyaltyLobby readers emailed me late last week their personalized offers to keep Gold or Platinum status by completing set number of nights between October 1 – December 31, 2015.

Marriott Rewards Exclusive Gold & Platinum Offers

Marriott Rewards has traditionally extended these offers to members that would not otherwise meet the official requalification requirement of 50 (Gold) or 75 (Platinum) nights.

There is no landing page for this offer on Marriott.

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Here are two offers sent to readers:

Marriott Gold

Marriott Rewards Gold Targeted Offer

12 year-to-date nights and could keep the Gold for having just 14 nights. This would grant Gold status for just 26 nights instead of the official requirement of 50.

Marriott Platinum

Marriott Rewards Platinum Targeted Offer

Reader has 39 nights so far and Marriott would extend the status for having 20 more (total of 59 instead of 75).


Even if you fail to complete the offer, it doesn’t automatically mean that your status is downgraded. Marriott has sometimes extended the Gold/Platinum status for years without having met the qualification requirements.

You also have to keep in mind that you can always buy back your status early next year or maybe do one of the challenges IF the status downgrade happens.

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