Best Western Rewards Program Changes 2016


Best Western Rewards have been emailing some program members with changes coming to effect on January 1, 2016.

Best Western Rewards 2016

Best Western Rewards is consolidating all programs to one and it is administered in the United States. There will be new elite level and hotel reward pricing seems to start fluctuating.

You can access very information light Best Western Rewards web page for these changes here.

Three Exciting Changes:

Best Western Rewards Three Exciting Changes

After reading the rates eligible for points under the new program, cannot see why they wouldn’t currently. The point expiry is gone. There are basically no other “guaranteed” benefit beyond an amenity for Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Select members.

Enhanced Membership Tiers:

Best Western Rewards Enhanced Membership Tiers

Elite Benefits:

Best Western Rewards Elite Benefits

You may receive an upgraded room as Platinum, Diamond or Diamond Select member. Hotels are not required to provide this.

Award Room Pricing:

Best Western Rewards Room Rewards

Seems that the number of points needed for award rooms will start fluctuate depending on the room rates.

Terms & Conditions:

Download (PDF, 455KB)

Take some time to read the T&Cs…


There still aren’t any meaningful elite benefits beyond bonus points. Hotels may upgrade members. I don’t like benefits that are not CONFIRMED but rather based on the goodwill of the hotel that you happen to be staying at.

It is probably better, however, to have one single program worldwide rather than regional ones. Easier to administer.

How about early check in, late check out, complimentary breakfast etc. for elite members of this program? These would have been valuable benefits IF confirmed.