Fabulous Fridays: Hotel Minibars With Crazy ‘Entertainment Items’ – Case W Beijing Chang An


Over the years I have seen plenty of hotel Mini Bars that ranged from pretty basic (read: pathetic) to well stocked with luxurious and interesting items.

W Beijing MBWhat I discovered in the Minibar during my current stay at the new W Hotel Beijing could be described as wild in the very least though.

It’s absolutely common to see a so called ‘Intimacy Kit’ (which is basically a set of condoms and maybe some lubricant) in the hotel room but the W went a step further to offer their guests something more special for the extra fun factor.

Also on offer were:

A Venetian style face mask, Fishnet Stockings and Pink colored thighs.

Now, W is known to draw a relatively hip crowd that likes to party, I wonder how many of these items are being sold and if they are being used to go out or rather for some ‘in room entertainment’!?

Every W Hotel offers a few unique items such as the boxing gloves at the W Bangkok. Seems like Beijing went for the swinger version.


I have to give the hotel and the management credit for doing a great job not only with the selection of the Minibar assortment but because they put together a really nice property as far as the hardware is concerned (staying at a very nice Fantastic Suite).

John wrote about the W Beijing a few months ago (access his article here) so if you swing by (all pun intended) maybe you give the hotel some consideration.