Marriott Lifetime Platinum Status Update (Mine): Points: Enough – Nights: More Needed


Marriott Rewards offers lifetime Silver, Gold and Platinum statuses on its program after you reach set number of nights and points (read more here).

Marriott Rewards Platinum Lifetime Status Update

The requirements used to be higher (up to 1,000 nights), but Marriott Rewards lowered them few years back.

You can access Marriott Rewards web page for lifetime status here.

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When I just had a look at my lifetime status (you can check yours here):

Marriott Rewards Platinum Lifetime Status Update Numbers

I realized that I had now passed the number of points earned 2 million from all sources. I am still, however, 185 nights short of the 750 required. The lifetime Gold status is already reached.


Last weekend, I had a word with a friend who had roughly 650 lifetime Marriott nights but only 1.2 million lifetime points. He wasn’t too keen reaching the lifetime Platinum status due to being 800K short on points that seemed unreachable.

I did remind him that all the points earned count: points from promotions, credit card sign up bonuses + spend, compensation points when something goes wrong, and you can also buy up to 50K points every year that actually makes sense when you redeem for Travel Packages (read more about them here).

I haven’t had too many Marriott stays over the past few years (maybe 20 to 40 nights each), so getting to 750 nights could take few years. I might do few “meetings” that yield 10 nights each to get my lifetime status sooner (without having to qualify or to buy back or do to challenges).