Update: Sixt Rent a Car Platinum Status Match For Airline Elites (Air Berlin Remaining)


Last month I have written about the official status match which Sixt offers for some (or most) Elite levels of airline frequent flyer programs.

Sixt Platinum

Sixt seems to have pulled the link which I referenced in the article that allowed a direct signup for Platinum via web interface, however the site for Air Berlin Top Bonus is still active.

You can find the article from September here where I outlined some pro’s and con’s of the Sixt Express program and how the status match works.

As I said, the original link now reroutes to simply the Sixt website with the Sign-up for all different airlines being inaccessible.

A reader alerted us that while this page has disappeared, it is still possible for Air Berlin Top Bonus Gold / Platinum members to sign up for the Sixt Gold / Sixt Platinum using this link.

Air Berlin Sixt Platinum

Keep in mind that this is for legitimate Air Berlin status accounts and you are required to upload a document as proof of your elite status.

One could always try and contact Sixt to inquire about the availability for Sixt Platinum Status and attach a copy of the Elite card for verification. It can’t hurt and maybe it is decided on a case by case basis.


At one point the universal signup site might come back, who knows maybe there is even one out there right now but after playing around with Google for 20 minutes I was unable to find an active one.

If you are Air Berlin Gold/Platinum right now you can use the link offered above or alternatively contact Sixt via email to ask them for a manual match.