Air France Managers Evacuated After Job Cut Announcement


It is turbulent times for troubled Air France that announced job cuts affecting 2,900 workers.

Air France

The airline pilots were striking for two weeks last year due to moving some of their flying to affiliates.

You can read more about this incident on the Guardian’s website here of which below is an excerpt:

Violence erupted shortly after 9.30am as airline executives met to finalise the latest restructuring plan involving the loss of 1,700 ground staff, 900 cabin crew and 300 pilots between now and 2017.

As executives arrived for the meeting, they were greeted by a noisy crowd of employees shouting and waving flags, before dozens of workers forced their way into the building shouting: “This is our home.”

As they invaded the committee room, the Air France chief executive, Frédéric Gagey, managed to escape unharmed. Moments later, Pierre Plissonnier, the vice-president of the Air France hub at Orly airport in the French capital, was led through the jostling crowd with his shirt and jacket torn off his back.

Xavier Broseta, the deputy director for human resources and labour relations, also had to flee, half-naked, after workers ripped his suit jacket and shirt. Security guards helped Broseta climb over a fence.


Seems that Air France employees think that they own the airline. There is nothing wrong disagreeing with the management but physical violence is never acceptable.

Air France is losing its shirt for the Middle Eastern airlines in the long-haul and low cost carriers in the short/medium-haul segments. It is obvious that they need to tighten the belt and maybe cut some of the more generous employee perks as number of hours worked and layover requirements at destination.