Battle In The Skies: Nicole Kidman (Etihad A380) Versus Jennifer Aniston (Emirates A380)


Emirates was emailing its Skywards members yesterday about their latest commercial featuring Jennifer Aniston poking fun of the airlines like of British Airways and American (and their lackluster services).

Emirates Versus Etihad

Etihad teamed up with Nicole Kidman earlier this year to feature its Airbus A380 Residence/Apartment experience.

You can access the Emirates video here and the Etihad one here.

Emirates – Jennifer Aniston

Etihad – Nicole Kidman


The Emirates ad was done in folksy “Friends” style that most probably associate Jennifer Aniston with. It pokes fun with the legacy airlines with so so service. Don’t expect to find the bar on other Emirates planes than A380 (and substitutes do happen – just ask myself).

Emirates has supposedly secured $28 million worth of advertising for this campaign, so you can expect to see it a lot….

I personally much prefer the Etihad ad that has far more style and is in my opinion beautifully done, although most passenger will never see this first class product beyond the video often played at the beginning of the flight.

What would be the right female to promote Qatar Airways that is so far left out? Maybe Kirstie Alley?