The Future of Air Travel: Stack Them High?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a link to an Airbus patent application that was made public earlier this month.

Future Of Air Travel

Airlines and seat designers often patent things that will never see the light of the day and rightfully so, but some of these may, however, be implemented at some point in the future.

You can access the Airbus patent application here:

Here are some illustrations:

Airbus Patent Figure 1

Seems to be lie flat for some?

Airbus Patent Figure 2

Would you like to have the upper middle row mid seat?

Airbus Patent Figure 3

You definitely need some stairs as well.

Airbus Patent Figure 9

Some face time with your fellow passenger?

Here’s the full patent application:

Download (PDF, 1002KB)


There was a huge uproar couple of years back when someone patented the seats that wouldn’t be seats. You would just lean towards them and buckle up.

This is definitely an interesting concept. Let’s just hope that it will never see the light.

The airlines are trying to have as many seats on their planes as possible, but at some point you just have to come to a conclusion that enough is enough. The long-haul economy is already pretty miserable today.