Fabulous Fridays: Great Hotel Welcome Amenities

Part of the benefits of being a top tier (and sometimes lower one as well) are the welcome amenities that hotels often provide.

Fabulous Fridays Great Welcome Amenities

And I am not just talking about bottles of the usual red wine but also these fruit baskets that you often come across.

The one above is from the Sheraton Grand Rio de Janeiro last month and the one below is from the InterContinental Muscat last week (the welcome card was for someone else though!).

Fabulous Fridays Great Welcome Amenities IC Muscat


Didn’t touch the red wine or the complimentary alcohol available at the minibar in Muscat, although probably should have considering the cost of couple of beers I had at the English Pub at the hotel.

Usually, the quality of these presentations goes hand on hand with the general service at the hotel. The skimpier the amenity (or none at all) the worse the service.

It is always funny to read welcome letter and cards that are addressed to someone else. Obviously these are not tailored for each individual guest, so not much harm done.