Hilton HHonors Changing Terms & Conditions: Case Airberlin Gold Fast Track & Triple Points Offers


LoyaltyLobby readers have alerted me about two separate Hilton HHonors offers were Terms and conditions were changed after making the promo public.

Hilton Dishhonoring Original Terms

Personally, I don’t like when companies start meddling with their promotions after they have been made public. The only hhonorable (pun intended) thing would be to hhonor them.

Hilton HHonors Gold Track For Airberlin Topbonus members (access here):

The last date to register for this fast track offer was moved from December 31, 2015, to September 30.

Original text:

Registration must be completed by 31st December 2015.

Changed text:

Registration must be completed by 30 September 2015.

Hilton HHonors Triple Points Rate Plan (access here)

Hilton HHonors launched a promotion for triple points for booking a specific rate plan that was basically the Best Flexible one.

Now, Hilton HHonors has added the following text that wasn’t previously there:

Please note this offer is only valid for recipients of the email invitation and is not transferable.


Those that booked the triple points rate plan and failed to get Hilton to post the points, should open a case with the Attorney General of the state that they are living in for deceptive marketing. You will eventually get the points.

There is not much that you can do with the Airberlin Gold fast track offer, however. There still is the MVP offer available that requires one more stay (FOUR) compared to the Airberlin one (access here).

The question is how hhonorable the Hilton HHonors and the people running the program are?

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