Singapore Airlines: Airbus ‘Nose Down’ At The Gate After Landing Gear Retracts

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A Singapore Airlines A330 plane had a bit of a ‘Nosejob’ at Singapores Changi Airport yesterday when the landing gear retracted and the aircraft sacked down.

SQ Plane

The incident happened while engineers were performing a systems check on the Airbus A330 when the forward landing gear retracted, leaving the place face down on the tarmac.

CNN reported (access here) that there were no passengers or crew on board the aircraft when this happened and the engineer himself was not injured either.

A Singapore Airlines jet faceplanted when its forward landing gear retracted on the tarmac at Singapore’s Changi Airport Sunday.

The Airbus A330-300 was undergoing a landing gear check when the incident occurred, according to a Singapore Airlines statement.

It had been in service with Singapore Airlines since May 2009, and recently arrived in Singapore from Shanghai’s Pudong Airport. It was due to depart for Hong Kong Sunday. An alternate aircraft was used for the Hong Kong flight.

“Maintenance work was being carried out to rectify a defect, and the gear retracted during the subsequent system check,” the airline said. There were no passengers or crew on board at the time. One engineer who was on the aircraft was not injured.

“Singapore Airlines will be cooperating fully with the authorities in their investigations.”

The statement said that details of damage to the aircraft were not immediately available, and that an assessment would be carried out after it had been removed from the gate.

I was unable to find the original Singapore Airlines statement CNN is citing here but no doubt they will investigate this thoroughly.


On the first sight this looks like a mishap or some system bug. Maybe the engineer made a mistake? It will for sure come out in the investigation. I don’t think this incident reflects in any way on Singapore Airlines safety record.