Whine Wednesdays: Internet Access In Iran


Last week, I spent four nights in Tehran to check out the city and get one more country off the list of non-visited ones.

Whine Wednesdays Internet In Iran

I knew in advance that the internet access would probably be challenging, but never came to my mind that it would be even more problematic than in Cuba or China. Facebook, Twitter and most of the Google services including Gmail were all blocked.

Seems that they use some advanced VPN blocking because the Witopia was completely useless in the country.

The solution was to tunnel my traffic from Google Chrome browser via LoyaltyLobby’s server in the New York over SSH connection.

The hotel internet was mostly useless too, although you had to pay for it. The mobile data on MTN Irancell’s (yes – 49% owned by South African company) network worked quite well and I ended up tethering. I paid less than $5 for 5GB data package.


My original plan was to be in Iran until today (Wednesday) and visit Shiraz/Persepolis as well. I had such a problem with the internet that I had to end my trip on Sunday and “evacuate” to UAE. Let’s hope that they get some more capacity once the trade sanctions are lifted sometime in the early 2016.