Fabulous Fridays: Fun In The Skies (And Headache The Following Morning)


After being four nights in dry Iran and having a stomach bug for another three, I found myself on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Bangkok yesterday.

Fabulous Fridays Fun In The SKies

As this was a daytime flight and the internet stopped working over India, I decided to pay a visit to the business class bar to have few drinks after sampling the Dom Perignon 2005 and Dom Perignon Rose 2003 while trying to get some work done.

The business class bar was very lively and there were a couple of older gentleman becoming tipsy after flying from the UK to start their holidays in Thailand.

They stocked the bar with the first class champagne (they are more than happy to get someone to bring the bottles if you request).

Time flew fast and had a few nice conversations with some of the staff members from China, Lebanon and Seychelles. As soon we had left Indian air space, the internet was working again and decided to eat something.

Fabulous Fridays Fun In The Skies Cognac

But before caviar, I wanted to check out the two cognacs that Emirates has in first class (I am not a cognac fan). Surprisingly very expensive booze.

Fabulous Fridays Fun In The Skies Cognac List

And of course you cannot eat caviar without sipping vodka at the same time….


I have mostly given up drinking on the flights but the flight yesterday was surprisingly fun. The morning after, however, wasn’t……

The first class bar area is uninviting and I prefer going to the business class bar when flying on Emirates.

I am not usually a huge fan or Rose champagne, but this Dom Perignon one was actually good. Still not fan of cognacs though regardless of how expensive they might be.