Reader Question: No Delta SkyMiles On Korea Air Flights?

A LoyaltyLobby reader left a question regarding of non-earning of any Delta SkyMiles for a trip taken with Korean Air that would have ensured Platinum requalification.

Reader Question Korean Air

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Here’s the question from the reader:

HELP. Does anyone have a recommendation as to how we can be rewarded Delta sky Miles for a trip on a partner airline Korean Air.

In particular, my wife and I traveled from Chicago to Bangkok on Korean Airlines during September. We specifically traveled on a Delta partner in anticipation of receiving Sky Miles, particularly as this trip would provide me with sufficient miles to retain Platinum status. Three weeks after the trip, we were extremely disappointed and confused to learn that we are not entitled to any Sky Miles for this trip. We could USE Delta skymiles to purchase a ticket on Korean airlines but we were not awarded any SkyMiles points for a purchased ticket. The Korean Airline website was not transparent with respect to the fact that no miles would be awarded. This has never happened to us before. We had options to travel on different airlines but specifically selected a Delta partner.

We asked Delta, who unceremoniously advised that they reviewed your travel documents
and found the flights ineligible for mileage credit based on our contractual agreements with Korean Airlines..

We feel like we’ve been burned AGAIN by Delta.

Any recommendations?


There has to be some kind of spat between Delta and Korean Air, as Delta classifies them as Group 4 airline with no Medallion bonus or Medallion Qualifying Miles.

Reader Question Korean Air Delta

Nowadays you really have to be careful what award and elite qualifying miles you earn with partner airlines and this is not unique to just Delta.

When you purchase your ticket, you must pay attention to the fare class and whether it is eligible for mileage accrual. Cheaper economy fares often earn very little or not nothing. You indicated that you earned no miles at all for your flights that means “deeply” discounted ticket.

None of the airlines indicate on their website what number of miles you may earn on partner programs for their flights. You always must consult the loyalty program’s website where you plan to credit the flights.

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