Aer Lingus Gold Circle Becomes Aer Club

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Aer Lingus that became part of IAG (the parent of British Airways, Iberia and Vueling) few months back is now about to revamp its frequent flier program.

Aer Lingus Gold Circle Aer Club

The name of the Gold Circle is retired and Aer Club is launched. The airline suggests that the program is going to be Avios based (without using the name) and that the points can be moved between programs (probably British Airways, Iberia and Avios UK).

You can read more about this change on the Independent Ireland’s website here of which below is an excerpt:

The airline is preparing to reveal a new expanded scheme, called the ‘Aer Club’, in a matter of weeks.

It will be a distinct Aer Lingus programme, as opposed to an IAG plan However, it is expected to provide more redemption opportunities with IAG’s other airlines and partners through a new common currency.

“It will have the benefit of a currency which can be shared across a number of airlines and will also have enhanced benefits of recognition and reward and loyalty for members,” Aer Lingus chief commercial officer Mike Rutter said in an exclusive interview in today’s Sunday Independent.

“It will include a bigger opportunity to spend and redeem points with other airlines but it will still absolutely be an Aer Lingus plan, with a proper Aer Lingus name and a sense of modernity.”


Having separate frequent flier plans with same currency (Avios) that you can transfer freely between your accounts can open up award opportunities. Some awards are cheaper when redeeming using Iberia Plus Avios compared to British Airways Executive Club ones.

Interesting how the Aer Lingus Aer Club program will turn out. Overall, it has to be relatively modest sized considering the population in Ireland.