Aer Lingus: Man Bites Fellow Passenger And Dies After Being Restrained


A man died in restraints on board an Aer Lingus flight after he bit another passenger during a dispute.


Following a questioning of all passengers and scan of baggage Portuguese woman has been arrested over substances found in her suitcase. The dead passenger is of Brazilian nationality.

It appears to be crazy week for incidents on board airplanes. First the lady who delivered her baby on the China Airlines flight, the Southwest Choking and now this.

The Guardian reported about the initial death (access here) and the follow up (see here).

A man has died on board an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin after reportedly being restrained when he became agitated and bit a man, Irish police said.

Officers were investigating after the flight was diverted to Cork when the captain declared a “medical emergency”. According to an RTE report, the man became unwell and then fell unconscious after being restrained on the Sunday night flight.

It is not known exactly when he died, but police said he was pronounced dead at the scene when the aircraft landed at Cork shortly before 6pm. He was reportedly unaccompanied on the flight.

The second article surrounding the circumstances of the search and the arrest of the Portuguese women doesn’t make clear of there is any connection.

Irish police have arrested a Portuguese woman in connection with the death of a man on an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin. The woman is in custody in Cork, where the plane was diverted to after the 24-year-old man died. She is being held under the Irish Republic’s Drug Trafficking Act.

A postmortem is being carried out at Cork University hospital on the man who, according to reports, bit another passenger during the flight and had to be restrained before he eventually lost consciousness. He is understood to be of Brazilian origin.

The passenger who was bitten was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The rest of the passengers were allowed to continue their journey to Dublin after a three-hour delay at Cork airport.

This all sounds very surreal and more a scene from ‘The Walking Dead’ rather than air travel.


One can just assume what the circumstances are at this point. The medical examiner in Cork will investigate the medical reasons for the man’s death which obviously can have a variety of reasons.

The whole incident shows however that totally innocent people can quickly become involved in such air rage incidents. Imagine you sit on the plane and someone bites you! Hopefully there will be no long term consequences such as an infection of sorts for the effected passenger.