Hilton HHonors MVP Program Changes (20% Off In The Americas)


Hilton HHonors has very popular MVP program with fast track to Gold status requiring four stays within 90 days.

Hilton HHonors MVP Update

MVP program discounts rates at most hotels in the Americas including Hawaii by 20% while being non-prepaid and cancelable.

You can access Hilton’s web page for MVP program here.

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A reader alerted me about a change made to the MVP website:

Hilton HHonors MVP Update Eligibility

Please note: You must be an athletic administrator, athlete, or affiliated with a sports entity, sports-related company, sports group or event to be eligible. You will be asked to show credentials, such as an official business card designated with your team logo, etc.

The rate rules on the booking haven’t been changed:

Hilton Checkers Los Angeles Downtown:

Hilton HHonors MVP Update Checkers Los Angeles Rate RulesHilton HHonors MVP Update Checkers Los Angeles

Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach Walk

Hilton HHonors MVP Update Embassy Suites Waikiki Rate RulesHilton HHonors MVP Update Embassy Suites Waikiki


The MVP program offers usually the greatest discount for the stays in the Americas while being flexible at the same time (cancelable up to day before and not prepaid).

If you use this rate type expensively, it might make sense to join some sport organization (maybe $20) to be totally on the safe side with the offers. I have used this several times in the past and there has never been any questioning about the rate type used.

The rate rules still don’t mention that you would need to be affiliated with the sports team, although the main MVP page does.