Choice Privileges Buy & Gift Points Up To 30% Bonus Until November 24, 2015

Choice Privileges has launched up to 30% bonus promotion for buying or gifting points until November 24, 2015.

Choice Privileges Buy Points Fall 2015 Campaign

You can buy up to 50,000 Choice Privileges points in a calendar year before any possible bonuses.

You can access this offer on Choice’s website here.

The bonus is dependent the number of points that you purchase:

Choice Privileges Buy Points Fall 2015 Table

The price of a Choice Privileges points purchased at the 50,000 (65K with bonus) level is 0.85 cents each.

Choice Privileges Buy Points Fall 2015 Campaign Price


Whether it makes sense to purchase points under this offer depends the way you use them. You should calculate if it makes sense for you or not.

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

Transactions must be completed between 12:00 AM ET October 20 and 11:59 PM ET November 24, 2015 to be eligible for bonus points. Points will be posted to your Choice Privileges account within 24 hours after your transaction is complete. Bonus Points don’t count towards the annual limit. Purchased points do not count toward Elite Status or Lifetime Elite Gold Status. Transactions are final and nonrefundable. Offer may not be valid for all members. All other terms and conditions of the Choice Privileges Rewards Program apply.

** Free Nights: Free night is based on an 8,000 point Choice Privileges reward night level. A free night at most Choice Privileges locations requires more than 8,000 points. There are no blackout dates. Restrictions, taxes and fees apply. See Terms and Conditions for details. There are over 1,500 Choice hotels with reward nights available at 8,000 points or less. Reward nights at locations worldwide are available from 6,000 to 35,000 points (excluding Australasia, where reward nights require up to 75,000 points). Point requirements may vary based on time of year. Visit for details and redemption level information.