Chinese Tourists Posing For Comical Nude Shots On Malaysian Beach – Dive Instructor Arrested


Another week, another set of amusing images provided by a group of Chinese tourists visiting Malaysia where the group posed butt naked respectively topless on a secluded beach.

The incident happened at a popular diving area in Sabah, Malaysia. A very traditional region where tourists got into trouble before for taking nude pictures.

Last time the incident occurred on a sacred mountain. This time the group posed on a secluded beach and seemed to have a lot of fun.

Online news website Shanghaiist reported on the matter (see their article here).

Malaysian police have arrested a 33-year-old Chinese national in connection with a set of viral nude photos allegedly taken on a tropical island off the coast of the diving haven of Semporna in the prudish Sabah state.

State criminal investigation department chief Datuk Salehhudin Abdul Rahman said that the suspect, a dive instructor, was identified in the set of photos featuring naked men and topless women posing in the shallow waters of the beach. The photos featured 10 tourists, 6 men and 4 women.

The Malay Mail Online reports that the Chinese man was picked up by police at 11:15 p.m. at night from a rented room earlier this week. “The suspect has visited Semporna several times, bringing in Chinese tourist groups to dive on the islands around Semporna,” police said.

He will be detained until October 25 while the case is being investigated for public indecency, a crime which carries the penalty of up to three months in jail, a fine or both.

The laws in Malaysia are very strict as far public indecency is concerned.

Environment minister Datuk Masidi Manjun has advised tour guides and resort operators to make sure that tourists follow local laws. We don’t want another earthquake after all.

“This is nothing new because we have reminded them (tourism players) countless times. I take this very seriously and anyone who is found to have been directly involved will have their license revoked. “Perhaps we will look into implementing a declaration form soon particularly in Semporna for visitors to sign so they will behave appropriately,” he said.

It should be common sense that local laws and customs have to be followed but I guess well paid tour guides don’t want to ruin their customers fun by being the party pooper and reglementing them.


I’m not sure why people get a kick out of it posing nude for funny pictures while being on holiday, especially adults. Doing this on foreign shores can land you in hot water on top of it all especially in Muslim countries such as Malaysia. Even in the U.S. you’d probably be labeled as a sex offender (stupid in my opinion but it is what it is).

Let’s hope tour guides will take these things more serious for their own good. The tourists will go home and post these pictures online. The guide who remains in the destination is getting into trouble for tolerating and/or supporting his groups actions.