Hong Kong Airport (Lantau Island) Cut Off From Mainland – Passengers And Crew Stranded On Both Sides

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Hong Kong International Airport located on Lantau Island has been cut off from the mainland today after a a ship collided with the Tsing Ma Bridge that connects both points.

HKG AirportThe result of this accident which happened at 7:40pm today (Friday) is that neither passengers or crews can access or leave the airport by car or train.

This lead to significant delays that are still going on, event though the bridge has been reopened and traffic resumed as of 21:50h tonight. Especially Cathay Pacific is effected as most of their crew obviously lives in Hong Kong and needs to commute to the airport. International Airlines that let their crews overnight in Kowloon or Hong Kong Island also had a tough time reaching the airport. The In Town Check-in for passengers of the Airport Express Train has been closed.

You can access the Departure Information for Hong Kong Airport here.

South China Morning Post reported in detail about the situation (access their article here).

Thousands of commuters and travellers were left stranded tonight after a bridge closure for two hours cut Lantau Island and Hong Kong International Airport off from the rest of Hong Kong.

The Tsing Ma Bridge, which carries both the MTR’s Airport Express and the road network to Lantau and the airport, was closed temporarily after a ship reportedly collided with part of the bridge structure this evening. Traffic resumed after about two hours shortly before 10pm, leaving a backlog of traffic.

An emergency alarm on the bridge was triggered following the collision at about 7.40pm, leading to the shutdown and emergency inspections.

The delays are already causing chaos, particularly at the airport and downtown check-ins at Kowloon and Hong Kong MTR.

Flights at Hong Kong International Airport could still be delayed slightly as aircrew and cabin crew remains stuck and without any means of reporting for duty at the airport.

Airlines are informing their passengers via their website to budget sufficient time for commuting, at the present time as per this Cathay Pacific travel notice up to 4 hours.

Due to the emergency inspections on Tsing Ma Bridge and Kap Shui Mun Bridge, transportation to and from the airport is experiencing delays. We recommend passengers to spare at least 3 to 4 hours commute to Hong Kong International Airport.

The late evening around midnight is also the time where many of the European flights leave such as British Airways, Lufthansa etc. All of these crews are staying in Kowloon/HKI while I have seen some crews of Asian carriers at the three airport hotels Regal (in terminal), Sky Harbor Marriott and Novotel.


If you are scheduled to fly out of Hong Kong tonight please make sure you go to the airport as soon as possible. Airport Express might be still the best bet as roads are jammed.

You could also take a ferry from Central to Discovery Bay or Mui Wor and switch to a bus or taxi there. Good luck!