Air Berlin Top Bonus: Free Lounge Area Pass For New Members Until 15 Nov 2015

Air Berlin offers new members who enroll before November 15th 2015 a free one time pass to use the ‘Exclusive Waiting Areas’ at a variety of Airports.

AB Free Lounge Pass

These ‘Lounge Areas’ are close to the gate and basically a separated area with relaxation chairs where free beverages, newspapers and on occasion small snacks are being offered.

By no means does this replace a real lounge and I somewhat fail to see the ‘exclusive’ part of the whole deal. Nevertheless considering the prices for beverages at European airports this could be useful if you or someone you know travels soon and can make some use of it.

You can find Air Berlins landing page for this promotion here.

Sign up for this is required by November 15th 2015 and the voucher will be valid until December 15th 2015. The promotion page shows the airports where the voucher can be utilized:

AB Lounge Promotion DetailsThose are pretty much all of Air Berlin’s gateways in Germany and Austria. Other airports do not have these waiting areas at all.

OneWorld Sapphire and Emerald Members including those of Air Berlin’s own program Top Bonus are eligible to use local contracted or oneWorld lounges.


As mentioned, this free lounging pass might be a nice little gimmick for someone who doesn’t have status and likes to sit around for some time and relax before the flight.

Since this promotion is for new members only I wouldn’t recommend creating a variety of new accounts just for this to avoid audits of some sort though that probably would work too. Maybe I sign up my parents for their upcoming trip to Portugal that I booked for them on Air Berlin.