REMINDER: SPG Best Rate Guarantee Possible When No Availability On


Many hotel companies advertise that the lowest prices are always available on their websites and try to back this “promise” up by Best Rate Guarantee programs that are often nothing more than scams.

SPG Best Rate Guarantee

The fact is that you can find lower rates most of the time on 3rd party sites and hotel companies are trying their best to make Best Rate Guarantee programs so complicated that they don’t have to deliver on the promises made. This, however, is not the case with Starwood Best Rate Guarantee.

You can access SPG’s Best Rate Guarantee program here.

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Starwood doesn’t care about cancellation rules or what currencies are compared. There even doesn’t need to be any availability on to successfully file a BRG, as my example below illustrates.

Starwood Best Rate Guarantee Case Royal Orchid Sheraton:

SPG Best Rate Guarantee Royal Orchid Sheraton

There was zero availability for one night stay on while other websites were happily selling rooms. Royal Orchid Sheraton had instituted five night minimum stay for Tuesday arrival this week.

SPG Best Rate Guarantee Royal Orchid Sheraton Y

One competing site had tax and service charge inclusive rate of $91.50 that is actually quite low for this property. Filed a claim and noted that there is no availability on and received the following reply in about an hour:

Starwood Best Rate Guarantee Response

I replied to the email and received reservation confirmation directly from the hotel for my stay tomorrow. They also upgraded it to an executive suite (as they always have done at this property).


Starwood’s BRG really works how they advertise it and other hotel companies should follow this gold standard.

The problem is that very few of the hotels are actually owned by these chains and they have very little control how individual hotels decide to sell their inventory. Many dump large blocks to consolidators that then resell the rooms to tour operators and via various online channels at discount.

Earlier in the summer the response times from the BRG department were sometimes days, but seems that they are now back to hours.