Qatar Airways: Long Anticipated ‘Al Safwa First Class Lounge’ Opened At Doha’s Hamad International Airport


After a very long time Qatar Airways has just opened it’s much anticipated ‘Al Safwa’ First Class Lounge at their hub in Doha.

QR First Class Lounge

The airline has postponed the opening numerous times to remove every single cosmetic defect (so the official line) and offer a truly First Class Product to their customers.

Let me start this off by apologizing for one thing, we do not have any pictures of this lounge. A friend of mine visited there yesterday and he is not the type to run around lounges and take pictures or investigate every single area. That’s why I’m very thankful to him that he took the time to write down a few notes to give me a detailed account of this new facility.

Surprisingly the Al Safwa First Class Lounge isn’t even mentioned yet on Qatar Airways Website (see here).

Nevertheless those of you who have visited the excellent Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge in Doha, called Al Mourjan Lounge already set the expectations high for this new product.

The few pictures that I have seen so far show a very spacious area, simplistic design in the usual Qatar Airways color scheme and in general a reflection of all the facilities available in the Business Class Lounge just in a smaller version and a bit more polished.

A very important feature that is only available in the new First Class Lounge are sleeping rooms with proper beds. Especially during long layovers I really like this option of catching up on some sleep.

In addition there is a SPA available which is not complimentary however. Even the Spa facilities such as the Hot Tub/Onsen allegedly comes with a price tag of 60 USD usage fee. I think I’d pass on that because it doesn’t reflect the value in any way.

Until I’ve seen the product myself I want to reserve any further judgement on it. Those of you who like to read up a bit might be interested in the respective Flyertalk Thread (see here). As usual there is a lot of second guessing and hear-say so take it with a grain of salt.


Considering all this time it took for Qatar to open this lounge it suggests that they were extremely picky about every little detail and the CEO Akbar al Baker is not exactly known for letting things slide either.

Those who expected flying elephants with the opening of the facility might be disappointed though. I’d personally not expect anything that blows your mind, especially considering the Business Class Lounge is such a fantastic product already. One thing that ‘might’ go away at some point is the serving of Krug Champagne in the Al Mourjan (Business) lounge and that this goodie will be limited to the Al Safwa First Class Lounge. We will see!