Reader Questions: IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks Availability At Holiday Inn Benoa Bali?


Several readers emailed me yesterday regarding the PointBreaks availability at Holiday Inn Benoa Bali that I knew would be a popular place to burn some points.

Reader Question IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks Availability Holiday Inn Benoa Bali

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You can access Holiday Inn Benoa Bali’s website here.

Roslyn wrote:

Genoa Bali points backed till 1 February

Michal wrote:

I can’t find any dates for Bali. Is it already sold out, or not in the system yet? I have checked some dates within award period but didn’t find any rooms for 5000 points.

Steve wrote:

HI Bali Benoa is either a popular choice or has limited award space available for Point Breaks. While it is still on the list after 12-hrs the only dates available are 01 & 08 November. On the other hand, all (remaining) days in October and all dates from 01-Feb have award nights available.

Award Calendar:

Reader Question IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks Availability Holiday Inn Benoa Bali Calendar 1Reader Question IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks Availability Holiday Inn Benoa Bali Calendar 2


First you need to understand how hotel loyalty programs make award rooms available. Hilton, Hyatt and SPG will have award rooms available as long as there are standard rooms available for sale. Some hotels may game the availability by having the “standard” room to be accessible etc.

Other programs such as the Marriott Rewards and IHG Rewards Club merely require that affiliated hotels must make certain percentage number of rooms available as awards every night. Marriott Rewards also allows properties to have blackout dates that can be for months at a time.

IHG affiliated hotels must make 5% of their room inventory as awards. Holiday Inn Benoa Bali has 171 rooms and thus must make at least 8 rooms available as redemptions every night. There is nothing preventing properties offering greater award availability.

I would expect the base line award reimbursement for this property to be roughly $20 per night. There is a sweetener available for properties that offer greater award availability and people book them by doubling the reimbursement etc. Also, when the occupancy rate is high (95% or higher), the loyalty program will reimburse the Average Daily Rate (ADR) of the night in question.

Hotels cannot choose whether they are on PointBreaks or not. The IHG makes the decision based on criteria unknown. It would be unrealistic for hotel of this size to allow let’s say 100 room reservation per night on PointBreaks.

The key to book the most popular properties is to book them IMMEDIATELY when the booking window opens. That is the reason why we have the BOOK NOW post up within couple of minutes after the booking has been enabled.