Emirates Skywards Gold & Platinum Status Match (Apply By November 30, 2015)


Emirates (unlike Etihad that has number of matches in the recent past) rarely offers public status matches to its Skywards Gold or Platinum status.

Emirates Skywards Gold & Platinum Status Match

Now the airline has, however, launched an offer for Skywards members in France to get Gold or Platinum status without any flight requirements by having similar status with a competing airlines.

You can access Emirates website for this offer here.

Note that you must apply for this match by November 30, 2015.

Emirates is offering status matched to both Gold and Platinum statuses based on the following published criteria:

You’ll need to hold a top-tier frequent flyer membership with another airline, with travel patterns similar to our Gold and Platinum tier requirements, and acquired on regular travels on long-haul flights on the Emirates network. These assessments are subject to the applicable criteria by Emirates.

  • Gold: 50,000 Tier Miles
  • Platinum: 150,000 Tier Miles

You can apply by sending an email to Emirates with a copy of your competing card:

Simply send a copy of your frequent flyer membership card from another airline to offreskywardsfrance@emirates.com by 30 November 2015. We’ll contact you to let you know if you qualify for this offer.

When you fly Emirates from Paris, Nice or Lyon to over 140 destinations worldwide, you’ll take exclusive benefits with you on every journey.

It appears that this offer is targeted to those members that have their Emirates Skywards membership based in France.

Here are the Emirates Gold and Platinum benefits:

Gold benefits include:

  • Lounge access with a guest throughout the Emirates network
  • 50% bonus Skywards Miles
  • A guaranteed seat on your chosen flight, even on fully booked flights
  • An extra 16kg baggage allowance
  • Priority check-in, boarding and baggage delivery

Additional Platinum benefits include:

  • First Class Lounge access in Dubai, as well as lounge access with a guest throughout the Emirates network
  • 75% bonus Skywards Miles
  • Complimentary Gold membership for a spouse or partner
  • ‘Last Seat’ Flex Plus reward tickets, even on high-demand flights
  • First Class check-in


Just arrived to Sydney yesterday on-board Emirates flight in F from Bangkok. The flight was ticketed on QF code and decided to credit it to British Airways (could have also credited to AA).

Emirates has devalued the program so severely and applies horrible fuel surcharges to its awards that the only worthwhile redemption option to many are the upgrades to business or first.

The Gold or Platinum status can be worthwhile if you happen to find yourself in their Economy, as you would get business class check in and lounge access worldwide.

I’ll probably borrow a friend’s address in France and send in British Airways Gold or Etihad Guest Platinum card for match.