Compensation Clinic: Boscolo Venice


This week the Compensation Clinic case comes from yours truly stay at the Marriott Autograph Collection hotel Boscolo in Venice Italy.

Compensation Clinic Boscolo Venice

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You can access Boscolo Venice website here.

Here’s what happened:

Compensation Clinic Boscolo Venice Pigeon

1. First room assigned for Platinum member was completely unacceptable. Super, super tiny. Next one was more acceptable, although was still missing a proper work desk.

2. Internet worked sometimes. I really cannot understand how hotels in Easter Island or Maldives can have working internet connections and some hotels in Europe cannot. It really comes to not willing up to purchase proper connection from an ISP.

3. The hotel breakfast was OK’ish. It was really disturbing to have pigeon eating cereals and other items and employees not doing anything before I took a photo what was happening.

Note that this is not a cheap hotel. It is 45K Marriott Rewards points per night and paid rates are hundreds of Euros for night. I had reservation for two nights on a paid rate.

So, I had a word with the manager on duty at the time of checking out that was willing to charge just for one night and not two that I had stayed at. This is usually what hotels always offer and I don’t like it. I prefer getting stay/night credit and points for the stay as well.

She promised to get back to me regarding compensation by email. I was expecting 45,000 points that would have cost them roughly what I paid for one of the nights.

The stay also never posted correctly for my stay. It was posted as a revenue of $47 and staying for one night. I had the manager’s email and dropped her an email and received the following reply:

First and foremost thank you for staying with us.

I appreciate your feedback and I do feel sorry that in your case we could not deliver the highest level of service we try to carry out day by day. Please rest assured that we took the necessary actions to avoid any further recurrence as the issue you described and we would be delighted to welcome you back to provide you an exceptional hotel experience upon your next visit.

Referring to the stay incorrectly posted into your account, please be informed that the process is automatic and we have no way to modify it manually. For this reason you are kindly asked to contact Marriott Rewards Office .

As a gesture of goodwill and to further apologize for any misunderstanding, we have arranged for 25.000 rewards points to be added to your Rewards account. 

In closing we would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us with these valuable comments. We appreciate that your experience at the hotel was affected by the events you described, but the hotel will be taking action, using your feedback, to ensure that any future similar events do not occur.

I replied that 25K points was inadequate compensation when they were willing to waive the charges for one night. We went through couple of emails and received correction for my stay to get the two nights credit at correct number of points. The property credited 20K, 5K and 5K points on separate transactions.

BTW this was not part of the compensation but was wondering who puts up these signs at the elevators in Venice. They had three different ones for the elevator that I used from 200 to 400 kilos max weight.

Compensation Clinic Boscolo Venice Elevator


You should not be afraid for asking compensation when the hotel fails to deliver. I do understand that this was in Venice but even then you can get these things right.

At the end, I was satisfied with the 30K compensation that I received, although waiving the charge for the night might have been better.

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