Beware: Fake Emirates (And Other Airlines) Facebook Pages Are Back With Bogus Competitions

A few months ago the first fake Facebook pages under the name of Emirates Air and other airlines were popping up, advertising bogus competitions for free First Class tickets. Now they are back again!

EK FB Scam

These pages are around for a number of airlines including Emirates and British Airways. Watch out for them and don’t share these pages! 

Loyalty Lobby wrote about this when they first appeared back in early September (see our article here).

The old pages were deleted after some time but it seems that doesn’t keep whoever put them up from trying again.

Again, I was surprised how many of my friends on Facebook actually shared this bogus information (which is how I initially got aware of it). It shows once again how blindly people follow certain ‘Free Stuff’ adverts and how fast the brain goes into idle mode.

Emirates indeed runs certain promotions and giveaways on their verified Facebook page but those are limited quantities and only through their main page that is moderated and verified.


One should be careful when it comes to things that look ‘too good to be true’ because that mostly holds true. It’s not unusual for airlines to have giveaways as promotional campaigns but in that case it’s a few tickets and not five hundred or a thousand. That just sounds crazy to begin with.