Rocketmiles Now Rewards Amazon Gift Cards


Rocketmiles, a hotel booking service that usually awards airline miles for bookings, has now stroke a deal with Amazon.

Rocketmiles Amazon Gift Card

You can now earn gift cards for hotel bookings that you make using the service instead of airline miles.

You can access the Rocketmiles web page for this partnership here.

Here’s the price display for a one night stay in Bangkok with the best offers first:

Rocketmiles Amazon Gift Card Bangkok Display

Note that Rocketmiles doesn’t offer first booking bonus in forms of gift cards. If you are making a booking using the service for the very first time, you should take advantage of one the offers that we have listed here.

Hotel bookings made using Rocketmiles are not eligible for hotel loyalty program points or stay/night credits.


Seems that Rocketmiles gives minimum of $10 gift card for every night that you book using the service. That compared to 500 to 1,000 minimum miles with any of their airline partners.

You should not use the service first time and choose the Amazon gift card. Rocketmiles has run promotions from 3,000 to 5,000 bonus miles in addition to the regular miles for the first hotel booking. It can make sense to choose Amazon gift card for subsequent bookings, however.