LAN Purchase LANPASS Kilometers At Up To 125% Bonus Until November 16, 2015

LAN has now started to sell LANPASS Kilometers at up to 125% bonus for members residing in the United States.

LAN LANPASS Purchase Kilometers

The offer is valid for purchased made until November 16, 2015, and you have three years to use the miles.

You can access LAN’s website for buying Kilometers here.

Note that the bonus amount is dependent of the number of Kilometers purchase

LAN LANPASS Purchase Kilometers Price

The price of 200K kilometers is $4K and should end up with 450K.


Seems that LAN wants to get into the business of selling miles as well. I played around the award interface and online doesn’t allow you to book one-way awards (only ones that I redeem) and business class option was also grayed out.

The prices using LANPASS weren’t bad for some of the segments, however. Could perhaps be worthwhile for some.


  • The purchase of LANPASS KMS. does not guarantee the availability of any LANPASS prize.
  • Each member can purchase a minimum of 1,500 kilometers for each purchase made.
  • Each member can purchase a maximum of 200,000 kilometers over 12 rolling months.
  • The kilometers bought do not classify for LANPASS member categories.
  • Purchased kilometers cannot be refunded, nor does the 24 hour guarantee apply.
  • You can only buy kilometers at
  • Only one purchase of LANPASS KMS. can be made per day.
  • Members must be enrolled in the program for at least three months, or have a km balance of at least 1,600 km.

Useful information

Purchased kms. will be updated immediately in your account statement.
– Purchased kms. are valid for three calendar years from the date of purchase. For example, if you purchased kms. on August 24, 2014, they will be valid until December 31, 2016.
– Each LANPASS kilometer costs 2 US cents, converted using the LAN exchange rate valid when making the purchase.
– Purchasing kms. does not change the expiry dates of previously earned kilometers.
– The law for purchases made in person does not apply to the purchase of LANPASS KMS, therefore refunds are not available.
– Make sure you have entered your email correctly before finalizing your purchase of kms.