UPDATE: Indonesia Now Promotes The Visa Free Facility To 45 Nationals


When I have been watching CNN over the past week or so, they have had Travel Indonesia commercial running several times that promotes visa free facility for 45 nationals and the points of entries where this is available (the commercial lists both).


This visa free extension has been covered on here on LoyaltyLobby back in March (read more here) and then again in June (read more here).


You can access Indonesia.Travel website here.

Here’s the visa information listed on that website:


All travelers to Indonesia must be in possession of a Passport that is valid for at least six (6) months from the date of arrival, and have proof (tickets) of onward or return passage.

Free Tourist Visa

By Presidential Decree of 9 June 2015, Indonesia now provides Free Tourist Visa to citizens of 45 countries effective 11 June 2015. Divided into two categories, they are 15 countries with whom Indonesia has reciprocal visa free agreements, and 30 others extended Free Tourist Visa only:

All Free Visas are valid for 30 days only, are non-extendable and cannot be changed into other types of stay visas.

The 15 countries and Special Administrative Regions with whom Indonesia has reciprocal agreements, and have already earlier been extended the facility are :

1. Thailand. 2. Malaysia, 3. Singapore, 4. Brunei Darussalam, 5. Philippines. 6. Cambodia 7. Laos, 8. Myanman 9. Vietnam, 10. Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region), 11. Macao SAR (Special Administrative Region). 12. Chile, 13. Morocco, 14. Peru 15. Ecuador

To these may be extended Visa Free Facility for the following purposes : government duties, education, social-cultural activities, TOURISM, business, family, journalism or for transit.  They may enter and exit Indonesian territory through ALL available Immigration border offices and passports are chopped with the words BVKS.

Free Tourist visas extended to citizens from 30 additional countries:

Please Note : citizens carrying passports from these countries may be extended Free Tourist Visa when:

* travel is made for TOURISM purposes only.

* visitors enter and exit through designated authorized airports and seaports only.

* Visas are valid for 30 days only, are non-extendable and may not be changed into any other types of visas.

Those arriving or leaving Indonesia through other airports and seaports outside the designated entry ports for Free Tourist Visas, and are citizens included in those extended Visa on Arrival (VoA) – see below for specifications on VoA – may still apply for VoA but are charged the US$ 35 Visa fee.

The countries extended Free Tourist Visa facility are:

1. The People’s Republic of China

2. Russia

3. Republic of Korea

4. Japan

5. United States of America

6. Canada

7. New Zealand

8. Mexico

9. The United Kingdom (U.K.)

10. Germany

11. France

12. The Netherlands

13. Italy

14. Spain

15. Switzerland

16. Belgium

17. Sweden

18. Austria

19. Denmark

20. Norway

21. Finland

22. Poland

23. Hungary

24. Czech Republic

25. Qatar

26. United Arab Emirates

27. Kuwait

28. Bahrain

29. Oman

30. South Africa

While the authorized international airports and seaports are the following :

International Airports:

1. Jakarta – Soekarno Hatta International Airport

2. Bali – Ngurah Rai International Airport

3. Medan – Kualanamu International Airport

4. Surabaya – Juanda International Airport

5. Batam – Hang Nadim International Airport

International Harbors:

1. Bintan – Sri Bintan Harbor at Tanjung Pinang

2. Bintan – Tanjung Uban Harbor

3. Batam – Sekupang Harbor

3. Batam – Batam Center Harbor

For details and enquiries please contact the Indonesian Embassy in your home country.


The Indonesian Government extends Visa on Arrival (VoA) to nationals of 61 countries which can be obtained at designated entry airports and sea ports. Visa-on-Arrival are valid for 30 days and are extendable with another 30 days to be applied at Immigration offices in Indonesia. Visas cost US$35

Please note that starting 26 January 2010, the 7-day Visa-on-Arrival has been discontinued.

Exception to this is the Special Economic Zone in the Riau Islands province, where the 7-day Visa on Arrival (VoA) can still be obtained at the seaports on the islands of Batam, Bintan – including Tanjung Pinang and Bandar Bentan Telani –  and Karimun. The 7-Day VoA Visa fee is US$ 15.

Countries extended Visa-on-Arrival facility are:

1. Algiers, 2. Australia, 3.Argentina, 4. Austria, 5. Bahrain, 6. Belgium, 7. Brazil, 8. Bulgaria, 19. Canada, 10. Cyprus, 11. Denmark, 12. Egypt, 13. Estonia, 14.Fiji, 15. Finland, 16.France, 17. Germany, 18.Greece 19.Hungary, 20.Iceland, 21.India, 22.Iran, 23. Ireland, 24.Italy, 25. Japan, 26.Kuwait, 27. Laos PDR, 28.Latvia, 29.Libya, 30. Lithuania, 31.Liechtenstein, 32. Luxemburg, 33. Malta, 34. Maldives, 35.Monaco, 36. Mexico, 37. New Zealand, 38. the Netherlands, 39. Norway, 40. Oman, 41. Panama, 42. The People’s Republic of China, 43.Poland, 44. Portugal, 45.Qatar, 46.Rumania, 47.Russia, 48.South Africa, 49.South Korea, 50.Switzerland, 51.Saudi Arabia, 52.Spain, 53.Suriname, 54.Sweden, 55.Slovakia, 56.Slovenia, 57.Taiwan, 58. Tunisia. 59..the United Arab Emirates, 60. the United Kingdom, 61. The United States of America.

Entry Ports Where Visa-on-Arrival are Issued are:

International Airports:

  • Soekarno-Hatta in Jakarta
  • Halim Perdana Kusuma in Jakarta
  • Ngurah Rai in Bali
  • Sultan Syarif Hasim in Pekanbaru
  • Minangkabau in Padang
  • Juanda in Surabaya
  • Sam Ratulangi in Manado
  • Kualanamu in Medan
  • Hang Nadim in Batam
  • Adi Sucipto in Jogjakarta
  • Adi Sumarmo in Surakarta/ Solo
  • Husein Sastranegara in Bandung
  • Ahmad Yani in Semarang
  • Lombok Airport
  • El-Tari in Kupang
  • Hasanuddin in Makassar
  • Sepinggan in Balikpapan
  • Supadio in Pontianak

Authorized Seaports are:

At Batam: Sekupang, Batuampar, Nongsa, Marina, and Teluk Senimba; on Bintan island : Sri Bintan Pura in Tanjung Pinang, Bandar Bintan Telani Lagoi;  Tanjung Balai Karimun, and Bandar Sri Udana Labon in the Riau archipelago;  Belawan port and Sibolga in North Sumatra, Yos Sudarso Tanjung Perak in Surabaya; Teluk Bayur in Padang; Tanjung Priok harbor at Jakarta; Padang Bai and Benoa ports in Bali; the port of Jayapura; Bitung; Tanjung Mas in Semarang, Central Java; Tenua and Maumere in East Nusa Tenggara, Pare-Pare and Soekarno Hatta port in South Sulawesi.


There was quite a bit of confusion regarding this new visa exempt policy in Indonesia when it started back in June.

Remember that it is only for TOURISTS and you must both arrive at the short list of airports or seaports. If you leave using any other port or you are traveling to Indonesia on business, you must apply for visa-on-arrival.

Also, you cannot extend the free tourist visa past the 30 days. I was in Indonesia the other year and realized that my stay would be couple of days over the 30 allowed by the visa-on-arrival. Had to go to the immigration and apply for an extension that is still available for this type of visa.

If anyone can find the video that Indonesia is playing on CNN regarding this facility, please drop me a link. Wanted to link it here but couldn’t locate it.

Haven’t been back to Indonesia since beginning of this year. Going to be in Jakarta and Bali this coming January (not missing the gigantic traffic jams!).